Glossary of Terms

A&S: Attack and Sustain. 30 second near sprint effort followed by an extended E3 effort.
A: Altitude gained.
AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible. Do the exercises set, and record how many you get done in the set time.
BGRS: Big Gear Rolling Start.
CE: Chickens Eaten.
D: Distance Travelled.
DFL: Dead Fucking Last.
DNF: Did Not Finish. 
DNS: Did Not Start. 
DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
DQ: Disqualified. 
GS: Girevoy Sports. Crazy Russian dudes who play with Kettle Bells.
HCLR: High Cadence Low Resistance
HRPU: Hand Release Push Ups
HC: High Cadence
IBTT: Individual Blood Time Trial.
ITB: Iliotibial Band.
ITT: Individual Time Trial.
KB: Kettle Bell.
MAC: Motorpaced Acceleration (see here).
Metcon Metabolic Conditioning. In other words less weight (but usually some kind of weight), but more intensity.
NRR: North Road Ride.
P: Pace
PG: Power gear, one you can make power cranking on.
PMPW: Post Morning Poo Weight.
RG: Race Gear. Something big that you can get cranking.
RFT: Rounds For Time. Do the number of rounds set, and record the time it took.
RHR: Resting Heart Rate. An efficient use of morning poo time.
RR: Rest/Rolling Recovery (<=E1)
R/U: Ramp Up
SE:  Strength Effort (50-65rpm)
Tabata: 4 x 20 seconds sprint, 10 seconds rest.
TBW: Tailwind Both Ways. The most magical of events, and usually dismissed as a fairy tale.
TdB: Tour De Burbs.
TTB: Toes to Bar. Hang off a bar, then touch the bar with your feet... so it's like a pull-up sit-up.
VMO: Vastus Medialis Oblique.
Windout: Motorpaced Windout (see here).
WR: Work Recovery (>=E2).