Sunday, 5 November 2017

Week Ending 5/11/2017

I spent a lot of time in the rubber floored CFStK this week, due to a combination of weather and life commitments. Sadly that meant not a lot of time on the bike, but I did manage to sneak some quick trails in on Sunday and was reminded that dirt is the best.

In the gym I had high and low moments meaning I'm simultaneously feeling pride and frustration... which sounds dangerously close to multitasking... a concept I'm completely incapable of.

So the highs, Tueday I was working from home after an early call from the US office scuppered plans to ride. To make physical amends I rolled into CFStK for a load of snatching that felt smoother than ever and resulted in a PB.

Wednesday was fairly neutral, with some heavy clean and jerks that got done, but not always beautifully... Thursday though... Thursday I failed to squat more than 110kg... again! I think it was last Saturday that I tried for a 120kg single. I got an inch out of the bottom and stopped dead, the bar being ejected backwards. Thursday I went for a single at 115kg with the exact same result, the barbell rolling across the floor behind me

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Lee Turner said...

I miss "the hand of god" helping me over the rollers on the Hell Ride.