Sunday, 26 November 2017

Week ending 26/11/2017

It feels like the dominant trend of the week was sleeping poorly, but there was a lot of good numbers in the gym and a couple of hamburgers, so I can't rightly call it bad overall.

I think it was the same thing that made sleep so shit that made lifts so good, the heat. Lockie programmed a bunch of 1RM efforts to reduce overall loads I guess to manage the heat a bit better, but the upside was that more rested means stronger lifts a nice little raft of PB's

Front squat 1 x 3 @ 92.5kg
Overhead squat 1 x 3 @ 67.5kg
Squat snatch 1 x 1 @ 60kg
Power snatch 1 x 1 @ 60kg

I wasn't feeling like it was about good numbers early on Tuesday though. Even after two coffees I was feeling the affects of others fitness. Warrack and Tom hauled us through to Templestowe where Rick decided to assert himself. I gave chase, but that left me exposed to an express train powering up Pony Club. It was taking no passengers and ejecting many.

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Lee Turner said...

Come on ABoc give us an update mate. I miss you buddy.