Sunday, 19 November 2017

Week ending 19/11/2017

For many a year now, my joking criticism of triathalons has been "why be shit at 3 sports?", which is a jibe at how perusing multiple athletic goals means you'll fail to be excellent at any of them. Ignoring that there are many triathletes who're better at riding than I've ever been for a moment, it's the hypocrisy of my current situation I want to highlight.

You see, I would like to be a little bit fitter on the bike... but I'm not yet willing to compromise my goals with a barbell. It seems this body of mine is capable of holding contradictions as well as burritos.

Anyway, talking of barbell goals, I finally achieved a squat clean at/above body weight. I'd hit 90kg a month or so ago, but despite dipping down to 89, in general my weight is 90 or 91kg. Saturday I got 92.5kg for a lift that could do with a bit more vertical extension and a lot more confidence getting under the bar after (I caught it a good chunk over parallel), and suddenly find myself thinking about 100kg as achievable. Some more deadlifts, some more front squats, and clean work at around 80-85% to drill in the right movement patterns when the bar begins to feel heavy.

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Steve Caddy said...

Tried doing clean drops?