Monday, 23 October 2017

Week Ending 29/10/2017

Before delving into the daily detail of this past week, I had a general sense that I didn't do too much, but now that I've gone over the days, I realise I trained 5 times. I guess that's not that lazy.

There was bikes with on Tuesday and Sunday, with the later session involving some rocky random roads courtesy of Strauss and Grover.

There were barbells on Wednesday and Friday, including enough squats to leave me with still tender hamstrings. Saturday was a quick feisty session at CFStK that resulted in sweat angels.

I guess that sense of laziness stems from these moments of exercise being mostly unplanned, that they're slipped into a busy schedule and around ongoing injuries. Knowing that I used to squat more and ride faster isn't offset by the ability to clean heavier. Is it too high standards? Is it greener grass? Is it the recipe for disaster?

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