Sunday, 15 October 2017

Week Ending 15/10/2017

The week started with legs barely functional after last Saturday's CF session, I'm going to point my finger at the 180 air squats that got done. Pain wasn't going to stop me getting out for a roll and a coffee on Tuesday (where I tried to push myself and ended up exploding and both metaphorically and physically dribbling to the top of pony club.

Sore legs also didn't stop me from a rolling into the olympic lifting session at CFStK on Wednesday evening. There were only 3 of us and no direct coach, so the vibe was very different to the normal tunes, jokes and heavy thuds. Saturday's Olympic lifing session was all about jerks, with a lot of split jerks prescribed. I so need work on my split jerk. My weight is forward, meaning the back leg isn't doing much of anything, and when the weight starts to feel heavy (around 55kg), I can't even rely on my brain to coordinate a leg to go forwards and the other to go backwards.

I probably could have fit a crossfit session in, maybe two... but after coming home hollow from a ride with Rick and Cam on Sunday, it's hard to argue I have the physical capacity for heaps more. We rolled out in the cool air that lingers for the first few hours post sunrise. We chatted until Bonds Rd, we half wheeled until the end of Mt Pleasant, then I assumed we were turning for a lazy roll home. I was incorrect, as Rick routed us through some lumps on the North/West side of Eltham that left my quads screaming at me, and me whimpering at my stem.

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