Sunday, 1 October 2017

Week Ending 1/10/2017

Oh g'day, so yeah, a week worth of stuff to write about.

I got on the bike a couple of times to continue the journal of realising how far my power has fallen in the last year. Tuesday was out for a Rick loop without Rick. Berg is in the same place fitness wise to me, but Waz is still holding onto some athletic ability. Sunday I rolled around SKCC crits as a marshal, and fuck I loved it. Sure my heart rate was way too high for the grades I was with, but it was the advice and assistance to new riders, and the shit talk with old hands that made me grin. My underlying injuries... continue to be a work in progress. My physio has given me some tools to alleviate the symptoms, but it's a bit like when I first got patella tendinitis, diagnosing a tight ITB is great... but what's causing the tight ITB? Anyway, that basically means I'm not down for 20 hour weeks or 6 hour rides just now/

In the gym I had some good times and some deep in the hole dark times. Wednesday barbell had be almost match my 1RM Clean and Jerk weight for a touch and go double. Friday was "Andy", which left my legs in a sorry state, while Saturday was 4 x 6min AMRAP that was basically all legs... you know... maybe that's why I was no good at Sunday's crits

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