Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Crossfit / Olympic lifting:
A. 5 x 3 Clean Pull
Result: 70kg

B. Power Clean + Hang Power Clean
Result: 80kg

Pulls are a weird and when they get heavy and thus no longer choke you out, a lingering fear that you're failing creeps in. It's illogical, because I know I can clean more than I was pulling, so it's just a matter of being upright in a pull, vs getting down/under the bar in a clean... but it being an illogical fear doesn't make it any less present.

A similar thing went on with the power clean and hang power cleans. I was solid on the first movement up to 82.5kg, but the double movement nature of the complex and my general lack of proprioception meant I was pretty much trying to receive the hang standing up.... and thus failed out earlier than someone without my hangups (PUNNY!) might achieve.

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