Tuesday, 27 June 2017


A. With a running clock..
On minute 0-4-8-12-16: Back Squat – Heavy 3 rep
On minute 2-6-10-14-18: Hang Power Snatch – Heavy 3 rep
Result: 95kg squat, 42.5kg snatch

I want to acknowledge that this workout and crossfit in general isn't a perfect thing. I'm doing crossfit, and tonights workout mostly for strength reasons, but 2 minutes of rest between "heavy" sets is not the optimal way to achieve strength. So the trade off is mental. Basically I don't have to plan/program anything, and the presence of others keeps me motivated/honest.

Also, hang power snatch is horrible... or if I'm being forthright I'm horrible at hang power snatch. somehow the smaller range of movement makes it more coordinationally challenging. I'm told that snatches will never feel amazing, but I can't even see a road that leads to "not a horrible shitshow". Every single time the barbell ends above my head is a miracle that I am unable to explain, which to me means I'm probably doing it wrong.

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