Wednesday, 10 May 2017



D: 17.9km
A: 125m

Crossfit / Olympic lifting:
A. EMOTM x 15
Power Snatch x 1 @ approx’ 75% 1RM PSN.
Result: 45kg

B.Power Snatch
Work to a Max
Result: 52.5kg

I felt good in part A, a few seconds to set up each lift, remember to get under the bar rather than just expect it to magically be above my head, pause to control the weight, then stand up. 15 times, 15 successful lifts with nary a thought about the barbell being heavy.

Adding 2.5kg to get to 47.5 was fine... but the next 2.5kg suddenly made it heavy, really heavy. It got done, and after a failed start the next one at 52.5 got done too, but 55 wasn't going to happen today, so I bowed out.

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