Wednesday, 31 May 2017



D: 15.4km
A: 90m

Crossfit / Olympic Lifting:
A1. EMOM x 5
3 x Power Clean @ 65%

A2. EMOM x 5
2 x Power Clean @ 70%

A3. EMOM x 5
1 x Power Clean @ 75%
Result: 50kg, 55kg, 57.5kg

B. Work to a max
Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Press
Result: 67.5kg

Either I'm incapable of achieving a front rack with a stacked (straight) wrist, or I need to do extreme amounts of work on shoulder flexibility to achieve it. Regardless of if it can be corrected, currently my limiting factor on push presses is trying to co-ordinate leg drive while getting my wrist straight/under the bar, all within the space/time afforded by said leg drive. I guess it's a problem for jerks too, so I'll spend some time with pushing, prodding, researching, looking at, and stretching to see if it is solvable.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017


I've been riding bikes for around 2 decades, and only now am I appreciating full fenders. Right around the back wheel, all the way to the BB, and then front ones that poke out the front of the fork and threaten your toes on turns.

The reason they rock is simple. Dry feet. I was aiming for puddles today, leaning in to sideways wind, but my booties had incidental wetness, and my socks certainly didn't suffer from leg run off.

D: 15.8km
A: 85m

Monday, 29 May 2017


Listening to podcasts today (Joe Rogan #934 - John Dudley), and this quote/idea was put forth about performance.

"Occupy your mind with a process and not a result."

It rings true to me and my limited performance experience.

D: 16.3km
A: 105m

Sunday, 28 May 2017


I put the feet up today. There's a few small niggles in my body that are telling me a few days, maybe even a week of reduced load would be a good idea.

Saturday, 27 May 2017


Crossfit / Olympic Lifting:
A. EMOM x 12
Snatch Pull + Hang Squat Snatch
Result: 45kg

B. Max Hang Squat Clean
Result: 85kg

Four and a half weeks ago we did squat cleans, and I was well chuffed to get 80kg off the floor and into a front rack. To have bested that by 5kg with a hang clean is bloody ace. I'll take a bit more strength work, and continued form practice, but I feel like body weight isn't far off.

Friday, 26 May 2017


A. Gymnastics Testing – Strict Chest 2 Bar Pull Up
Result: 3-4 tempo ring row

B. For time:
50-40-30-20-10 Thruster 20/15kg
5-4-3-2-1 rope climb, 15 ft
Result: 20:34

I haven't climbed a rope since.. I dunno, probably primary school. It was ok, but the thrusters were tough times. I tried to make them as much about the legs as I could, but going overhead 150 times nailed my shoulders.

Thursday, 25 May 2017


Last night a partially blind man fell into a bore hole. He didn't see that well.

D: 15.8km
A: 93m

Wednesday, 24 May 2017



D: 16.3km
A: 85m

Crossfit / Olympic Lifting:
A. EMOM x 12
1 x Clean and Jerk
Result: 57.5kg

B. Max 3 Cleans + 1 Jerk
Result: 70kg

My cleans were ok, they felt good and straight, with the 3rd of each complex going up just fine, but heavy jerks sucked. 70kg had a little left arm press, and then I gave 75kg a go twice, once pushing the bar forward as it descended towards my head, the next stepping through to let it drop behind me.

I've got a few cues/set up changes for next time, hopefully I can get overhead as confidently as I am with my cleans.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


A. Gymnastics Testing – Push
EMOM x 10 Strict Hand Stand Push Up
Result: 4-5 Box/Pike Push-Up

B. On the minute for 20 minutes:
Minute 1: 10 Hang Power Cleans 70/50kg
Minute 2: 20 GHD Sit-ups
Minute 3: 40 Double-unders
Minute 4: 10 Lateral Burpees over bar
Result: 40kg and Sit-ups, Single unders

3 x 5 Back squat
Result: 90kg

The HSPU testing is more than I got done last time, the burpees into cleans of the MetCon hurt by the end, even with a low weight barbell. Squats afterwards happened, they felt heavy.


D: 15.3km
A: 105m

Monday, 22 May 2017



D: 15.7km
A: 116m

Sunday, 21 May 2017


A.Clean & Jerk
Add load each set.
Result: 75kg

B. 3 Rounds for time of:
7 Clean & Jerks 60/42.5kg
7 Ring Muscle-ups>>7 Chest 2 Bar>>7 Pull Ups
Result: 7:59 (60kg, red band pull ups)

Extras. 3x5 Deadlift
Result: 100kg

I was very happy to put 75kg over head in part A. Cleans weren't an issue, and it's probably just a matter of pulling myself under the bar more / catching in a deeper squat to achieve 80kg which would be ace given it was only just the other week that I cleaned 82.5kg for the first.

The WOD (B), was tough, but I intentionally went full weight and a lighter band than normal, knowing full well I'd likely be the last person moving. It was just such a small amount of work to achieve that I wanted to make it about strength rather than aerobic capacity, because it's strength that I'm lacking. It's that same thought that got me staying into the 10am session with a barbell and 4 plates for some extra work.

Saturday, 20 May 2017


A. With a partner, complete the following for time:
Calories, Assault Bike
Dumbbell Step-ups 20/12.5kg, 24″/20″
Burpee Box Jumps 24″/20
Result: 23:13 RX

B. With a partner:
8min AMRAP:
100m Sandbag/DBall Sprints – AHAP
Result: 825m

If there's one thing I miss about racing mountain bikes, it's team events. Going at every effort as if it's your last so as not to let your team mate(s) down, tagging in the next rider with a diaphragm convulsing violently, hoping they'll take their time with their turn... but knowing they'll put everything in to it so as not to let you down.

Today gave me a taste of that again, working with another big guy (Gerard... the dude who beat me on the 10km rowing day a while back). Each exercise split into 2 efforts each, enough time to dig a hole, but short enough that I was soon resting, diaphragm convulsing, hoping that I was holding up my end.

I even got to experience the best part of team events, finishing my final effort just before the cut off and sending a team mate out for another effort after they assumed they were done.

Friday, 19 May 2017



D: 16.0km
A: 125m

Thursday, 18 May 2017



D: 16.0km
A: 105m

Wednesday, 17 May 2017



D: 16.4km
A: 115m

Crossfit / Olympic Lifting:
A. Pause Clean Pull
7 x 1 Pause for 3 seconds 1″ off floor, at knee, at mid thigh, then pull.
Result: 57.5kg

B. EMOTM x 15
2 TnG Power Clean @ 75% 1RM PCLN
Result: 57.5kg

I've been concentrating on trap/rhomboid tension in my olympic lifts, and if ever there was a session designed to test my progress it was this. Pauses in multiple places and no ability to get a solid reset (touch and go) kept me with my focus between my shoulder blades, so much so that I lost proprioception, becoming unsure if things were taught and tight or loosey goosey.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Ricktastic Tuesday:
Two up and chatting in the fog around Doncaster and Banyule... well except for the bits where Ferg and I half wheeled each other and talking wasn't possible.

Strava link.

D: 48.0km
A: 616m


D: 7.8km
A: 55m

Monday, 15 May 2017


I skipped the gym after waking up an hour before I needed to (4am vs 5am). At the time the logic was I hadn't slept enough, I was thus too tired, I needed to be fresh for other life things, I was due a rest week, I don't normally go on Monday's.

D: 16.2km
A: 90m

Sunday, 14 May 2017


I couldn't be arsed with crossfit today, so I went for a run after breakfast. I took the dog around the block for his morning poo, then we set off for 3ish kms around. The furry fella was on the lead, and if he kept it at a lazy trot then I could keep up, but the second he broke a canter I was being tugged down the footpath.

I got another jaunt done after lunch, my sister in law wanted to get a jog in, so we set off around my parents vineyard with the dog showing off off lead.

Let's call it 6kms all up, not terribly fast, but running none the less.

Saturday, 13 May 2017


A. “Clean Slate”
5 Rounds:
9 Power Cleans (60/42.5k)
15 Push-ups
21 Air squats
200m Run
Result: 18.33 (scaled to 50kg and push-ups from knees

B. Saturday Abz
3 Rounds of
30s Hollow body
10 V ups
10 Hollow rocks
1min rest

Crossfit / Olympic Lifting:
A.Overhead Squat
7 x 3
Result: 55kg

B. EMOM x 10
1 Power Snatch
1 Snatch
1 Overhead Squat
Result: 35kg

Those 75 push-ups were not a good time. It's a metcon, and they're meant to have a sting to them, but after 10 or so push-ups done on my toes, I did the rest from my knees, finishing up with a few singles in the final set. They made the barbell work tough too, sore and tired shoulders aren't great at getting or supporting a barbell overhead.

Friday, 12 May 2017


Puns about communism aren't funny unless everyone gets them.

D: 16.3km
A: 125m

Thursday, 11 May 2017



D: 15.6km
A: 95m

Wednesday, 10 May 2017



D: 17.9km
A: 125m

Crossfit / Olympic lifting:
A. EMOTM x 15
Power Snatch x 1 @ approx’ 75% 1RM PSN.
Result: 45kg

B.Power Snatch
Work to a Max
Result: 52.5kg

I felt good in part A, a few seconds to set up each lift, remember to get under the bar rather than just expect it to magically be above my head, pause to control the weight, then stand up. 15 times, 15 successful lifts with nary a thought about the barbell being heavy.

Adding 2.5kg to get to 47.5 was fine... but the next 2.5kg suddenly made it heavy, really heavy. It got done, and after a failed start the next one at 52.5 got done too, but 55 wasn't going to happen today, so I bowed out.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


A. “Diane”
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Deadlift 102.5/70kg
Handstand Push-up
Result: 6:11 (70kg, decline box push-ups)

B. Deadlift, Deficit 4″
Result: 100kg


D: 15.5km
A: 125m

Monday, 8 May 2017



D: 16.5km
A: 115m

Sunday, 7 May 2017


A. Front Squat
Result: 80kg

B. 8min AMRAP of:
40 Double Unders
10 Toes-to-bar
10 Front Squats 60/42.5kg
Result: 3+7FS (scaled to single unders with double attempts, 60kg & knee raises).

I looked, it there was anything overhead I was out, but front squats sounded ok.

I'm starting to see some smaller/auxiliary deficiencies that are affecting some gross movements. e.g. I had the leg strength to push 80kg up and down in a front rack, but I lost the form of my back a couple of times (traps/rhomboid, and lats). The push press yesterday highlighted I've got limited final hip drive. If I could (and I did) drop deeper into a squat, i could just leg the bar into the air, but if I was restricted to a small dip (like i should), then it was basically 100% arm work... and as discussed, my shoulders didn't work.

Saturday, 6 May 2017


A. For Time:
3 Rounds
14 Cal Row
12 Deadlifts 100/70kg
10 Pull Ups

Straight into:
3 Rounds
12 Bar Facing Burpess
10 Power Cleans 70/50kg
8 Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups

Straight into:
3 Rounds
8 Power Snatch 42.5/30kg
6 Overhead Squats
4 Bar Muscle Ups
Result: 28.17 (Scaled 70kg/50kg/30kg and ring rows/blue band pull ups/blue band pull ups)

Crossfit - Olympic Lifting:
A. Split Jerk
Result: 40kg

B. Pause Push Press
Result: 35kg

I probably could have, or rather should have, gone home after the first session. I wasn't pushing much weight up on account of my shoulders being smoked, so mostly it was about trying to bed in technique.

Friday, 5 May 2017



D: 16.8km
A: 105m

Thursday, 4 May 2017


I joined the commuter cup along the north side for the river this morning, throwing out some Belgian style racing tactics by jamming it up the single track off the side of the main path, but a final determination of the ultimate loser was not to be. Bridge works on the Swan St bridge diverted the race back onto the road and neutralised it.

D: 16.3km
A: 85m

Wednesday, 3 May 2017



D: 17.4km
A: 125m

Crossfit / Olympic Lifting:
A. Power Snatch
60% x 3
65% x 3
70% x 3
75% x 3 x 3
Result: 45kg

B. Snatch Pull
100% x 3 x 4
Result: 55kg

C. Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch
Work up to a Max.
Result: 45kg

My form broke down in part C, which means I was fatigued and/or just trying to move too much weight. I should have eased back on the weight and got the best lifts with good form I could, but I didn't, because of stupid.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


A. Thruster
5 x 3

B. 3 Rounds for time:
400m run
20 Thrusters 42.5/30kg
10 Ring Muscle-ups >>Chest to Bar Pull Ups>>Pull Ups
Result:13:49 (30kg & Blue band assisted pull ups)

My shoulders were still tired from the weekend, so coming in to a session filled with thrusters was tough, but the dude abides.

In other news, I've come to realise that I have a shit house front rack and that I need to work on some mobility in my wrists and or shoulders. It is workable for squats, but if I have to drive a bar from shoulders to overhead, I'm either loading my elbows or wrists, or am robbing my leg drive.

I got a couple of extras in by meeting the Ricktastic Tuesday crew for some brews.

D: 29.8km
A: 230m

Monday, 1 May 2017


Do you know what's worse than people who don't answer their own question?

D: 17.9km
A: 102m