Saturday, 15 April 2017


Crossfit / Olympic Lifting:
A: EMOM x 15 Squat Clean
Result: 60kg

B: Max Power Clean + Hang Power Clean
Result: 67.5kg

The EMOM felt great, focussing on the process of each lift rather than the result seemed to be the key. Getting the bar close to my shins, getting my traps and rhomboids tensioned and knuckles pointed at the floor.

The max work wasn't as graceful. I always had to regrip the bar for the hang. I was too concerned about not squatting, that I barely squatted at all, which meant the bar struggled to reach the height og my shoulders. Having the bar hit my chest (rather than shoulders) made me more focussed on the result, and not on the process.

Complete for time.
5 rounds of
6 Burpee box jumps @ 20"
12 Overhead Squats @ 35kg

5 rounds of
6 Toes to bar
12 Thrusters @ 35kg

Result: 23.38kg @ 30kg

There was a sneaky chance for a workout post barbell, and it seemed easy until I realised how many reps there were... but I realised only after I'd already started.

Though I started with a 35kg bar, and on pace with gym regulars, I soon found my going slowed, and not even removing 5kg from the bar helped bring things back to parity. I was deep into the box of muscle fatigue and diaphragm distortion.

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