Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Time to get meta again, and talk about what should be talked about.

I'm still musing on what to do with this here bloggety blog during the next 3-6 months while I purposefully reduce my riding down to bugger all, and hold fears about my ability to ride long term. Since I started tapping out words and placing htem on the internet 8 years ago, the word "cyclist" has appeared up the top, and despite a bit of scope creep, removing that word or writing about a life that doesn't include cycling seems like the wrong choice.

8 years though, that's a lot of thoughts and poo and chickens eaten. The pot odds aren't high, a few minutes each day for a chance to have an ongoing longitudinal study of the state of my tan lines.

For the moment the words will continue, but expect to hear more about barbells and box jumps than crits and coffee.

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Ash Thomas said...

more MTB - more standing, less sitting... Trail bikes ftw.