Wednesday, 29 March 2017


So yesterday I talked about talking on a podcast, and in general (lately) I've been talking about not riding bikes... so it feels serendipitous that today's Cycling Tips Podcast was about "What happens when cyclists can't ride their bikes?"

Thankfully I don't have the same issue as Levi Leipheimer (who destroyed his ankle in a ski injury), but like a Tibetan singing-bowl to a hippy, it resonated with me.

D: 16.0km
A: 145m

Crossfit / Olympic Lifting:
A. Power Clean
65% x 1,1,1
70% x 1,1,1
75% x 1,1,1
80% x 1,1,1
85% x 1,1
90% x 1,1
95% x 1,1
Result: 65kg

B. Every 90s – As far as possible
Hang Clean x 1
Add load each set.
Work up to a max.
Result: 65kg

I tried to keep weights sane, to reinforce movements and practice technique, but also a because I'm still a bit sore from Sunday's lunges.

Early on in the Hang Cleans, I struggled a bit, things were so light that I was throwing the bar overhead.

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