Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Bikes, I've spent a lot of time riding them*, thinking about them*, discussing them*, and thus it's no surprise that bike people form a fair chunk of my friends. It was one such friend I spent the morning talking shit with, Wilko, for his^ podcast.

I was actually kind of nervous about it, worried that I'd end up in that death spiral of not performing because you're thinking too much about not performing. Obviously talking shit isn't "performance" but this blog essentially is... or rather it's about trying to ignore the analysis paralysis of overthinking and just work through the process of the moment. To trust in the years of training to talk shit, and realise that when a topic diverges, that you spin up to meet the challenge... yeah that's enough trying to force that analogy.

The Wilko Show ft Pete... your probably wont like it.

D: 16.0km
A: 108m

* In writing that I realised this blog alone ticked over 8 years last week.
^ Featuring Pete... but not today.

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