Sunday, 26 March 2017


A. EMOM x 12
1 – 30s ME Strict HSPU
2 – 30s ME Strict Pull Up
Result: Best 7/5, Worst 5/1 (scaled with two ab mats / 1 blue band)

B.4 Rounds for time:
50 Ft Front Rack Walking Lunge 70/47.5kg (20 steps)
400m Run
Result: 12:39 (Scaled to 40kg)

B was... well I wouldn't go as far as calling it fun, but I enjoyed the challenge of it. Trying to find a pace that would keep me from exploding. Trying to get my heart rate down during the lifts and to shake out the shoulders and legs during the run. I probably could have gone heavier, 45, maybe even 50kg. That would have been a long grind though, I would have been in the last few rather than first few to finish.

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