Monday, 13 February 2017


Bike Fit:
Righteo, so bike fit. I worked with Ken of Adaptive Human Performance, which involved analysis of my body's current state, some discussion about remedial work to correct some issues, and then finally changes to bike/position. There was a strong conversational focus on the spine and spinal position, and the verdict for me wasn't amazing.

Ken and his little cameras that recorded reflective dots placed in all around my body agreed with my assessment of leg length differences. So we've got a whack more spacers under my right cleat (4ish mm, compared to the 1-2mm I was previously running). He's also got them (the cleats) further forward; the middle of the cleat is now almost directly under the ball of my foot when the foot is neutral/level. That forward push relates to some other changes he made, so I'm kosher with that.

I slouch, not just when standing around talking to shorter people, not just at my desk or on the couch, but on the bike. This has lead to some poor spine health, in particular the lumbar and cervical regions, but the thoracic area is by no means not perfect. So, I've got some stretches to do, and instructions to be try to hold a more neutral (upright) position on the bike. Position wise, Ken said that the answer is not a saddle well behind the BB, but rather one much closer to the centre line of the bike. A desired increase in knee extension, and foot plantar flexion (toe down) both meant an increase in saddle distance from the BB. To compensate for the change these make to reach, my stem has gotten longer, and Ken adjusted bar rotation. The rotation I feel is less of a "this is the 100% best way for you" and more of a "this is a different way of doing things which has this different list of advantages", so I'll try it out and can/may go back (towards) my previous configuration.

These changes result in more pelvic anterior rotation, the exact thing giving me taint grief, so I'm now trialling a saddle that I find aesthetically displeasing... an ITM Adamo P1.1. He felt that how far I was pushing back on my existing/previous saddle (Specialized Power 143mm) was an indication that I was hunting for more width in it, so even if the model was right, it was the wrong size of it.

In summary I've got a fit that could be described as dramatically different to what I rolled in with. My last fit with Jay shared similar ideas (higher and further forward), that I abandoned in the intervening months in the search for comfort. I've got remedial work to address poor posture, and a different saddle to hopefully let my taint recover. I'm hopeful that the Adamo is a temporary thing, as though I'll often claim function trumps form every time.... it's pretty hideous to my eye right now. PRO's new Stealth saddles may offer both relief physically and aesthetically, though I may even need some time away from bike saddles entirely to allow my body to recover from the chronic stress it has experienced.

Assuming everything becomes love on the road bike again, I'm left with questions about how to take the setup to CX. MTB shoes/pedals are supported through the shoe tread, meaning I can't shim a cleat in the same way, and 4ish millimetres of adjustment are going to be hard to achieve inside a shoe designed to hug the foot. I may need to delay crossing that bridge, which is disappointing, as riding on dirt gives me a lot of joy.


D: 23.4km
A: 301m

PMPW: 88kg

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