Monday, 13 February 2017


Lazy probably isn't the right header here, I'm not resting, but the reason I'm not riding isn't that I wont, it's closer to can't.

I've got a bike fit tomorrow, so this is just me recording where I'm at before it. It's to document the reason I'm spending several hundred dollars and half a day of time. So, let's bear in mind that action is/will be taken, and this is just exploring specific thoughts, rather than where my entire brain/life is at.

Right, so I have not been comfortable on the bike in a while. I've mentioned it, alluded to it, and talked around it, so lets now talk about it. My taint, that little bit of flesh between the two exit routes of my body, the bit that contains the perineum nerve is being compressed, impinged, or hindered in some way, leaving me with various levels of pain or numbness on even some short rides.

My last bike fit was in part about addressing this, but back then, it wasn't at the point where I didn't want to ride. Regardless it's been almost a year since it, so you should have a sense of how long I've been trying to work through this.

I've had my saddle up, down, forward, back, flat, and tilted both directions. In that year I think I've put 8 different saddles on my road and cx bikes. Flat ones, curved ones, ones with heaps of padding and little, ones that are more hole than perch, rails made from steel, ti and carbon. My handle bars have gone up and down, out further and back towards. Most changes feel great for the first few moments of a ride, I roll out feeling like "ok, great, this is it, I've solved the problem"... but come home with a totally different opinion.

To sum it up, it's been frustrating and de-motivating.

I think the root of the issue is a difference in my leg lengths, leading to a lateral pelvic tilt. I think that's now made me super sensitive to any pressure, so I'm protecting myself by trying to hold an anterior tilt, which is having weird affect on my reach, and causing some secondary issues. I've tried to address this through a slight forward movement of one cleat, adding spacers under the same cleat, and finally a shim under my heel. Either I've not done enough,  or the damage is already done, because the discomfort is ongoing.

So, tomorrow I go have a chat, and some analysis done to see if we can come to a solution that returns a sense of eagerness to be on a bike, rather than a faint sense of dread.

PMPW: 89kg

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