Wednesday, 4 January 2017



D: 25.9km
A: 262m

St Kilda East - HCC D Grade - HCC A Grade - St Kilda East:
12 riders, as we rolled out for the first of many hot laps in A grade I counted 11 others, and me. Just that fact alone meant I shifted my goals from winning to just finishing, as small fields mean no where to hide. As Ross Enamait's recent post suggests, both winning and losing are opportunities for learning.

I'd felt ok rolling around to marshal D grade, it was hot, but I drank water, sat on the back and practised lines through the bottom corner. I felt slightly less ok in A grade, but obviously that's to be expected. Attacks and counter attacks happened, but mostly I sat on the back and practised lines through the bottom corner.

I helped chase a break or two, but at best it was one turn, then back to the back to suck air and hope the next attack wasn't too hard. By about the 15 minute mark of the race, I had my first doubt about finishing at all, but I pushed it aside and focused on what wheel I needed to be on. A lap or two later, chasing around a gap up the hill my heart rate jumped 10 beats, my vision narrowed and nausea set in. I pulled to the side of the course and stopped.

Heat stress 1, Neil 0.

So, learnings. I learnt that I'm still a bit fatigued. I learnt that water frozen in my freezer tastes funny. I learnt that ice cubes aren't enough thermal mass to keep cold on a 30 degree night. I was happy I pushed down the thought of quitting just because it was  hard.

Strava link.

D: 45.1km
A: 453m

PMPW: 87kg

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