Sunday, 15 January 2017


St Kilda East - Broad Gully - Mine - Hildebrand - Buttermans - Clintons - St Kilda East:
Four fifths of the now sealed Buttermans Track is lovely. From the St Andrews end you'll climb steadily, winding your way way past a few farmhouses and through sections of eucalypt bushland. Then once you've had plenty of time to enjoy the winding road, observe mobs of kangaroos, and possibly like us, a koala... you're presented with a wall of bitumen to get you up to the junction with Skyline Rd.

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The little crew we had rolling through the hills was mostly content to sit two up and chat, but like some of the plethora or roos we passed, occasionally someone would square up. Thankfully only the human version lead to action, as some of those roos were bloody huge!

Strava link.

D: 126.2km
A: 2,001m

PMPW: 88kg

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