Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Ricktastic Tuesday:
I managed to decimate my best ever power and power to weight numbers for ~1:30. By doing so I equalled my best ever Pony Club time, despite shutting off the legs with 10-20m to go. Warrack, who finished off my effort, not only took the KOM, but put a 5 second buffer to a stalwart of Melbourne KOMs (Andrew Stalder).

Great, yeah, Strava, woooo..... what astounds me the most though, is how crap I felt on every other hill leading into it. There was no pep, there was no vim, and there certainly wasn't any vigour, yet here we are typing/reading about life best efforts. Despite my extensive accounting experience, I can't reconcile it.

Strava link.

D: 48.4km
A: 634m


D: 8.1km
A: 30m

PMPW: 88kg

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