Saturday, 24 December 2016


Xmas Hell Ride:
Big wheels, pre-coffee, white socks and a caffeinated gel in the back pocket... I stopped short of a skinsuit, but a few blokes didn't.

They, and by they I mean I, said that the KOM on the xmas helly is the consolation prize for those that lose the sprint. When I said it I had no intention of going for the KOM, and all intention of winning the sprint. Given my heavy reliance on irony as a form of humour in my writing you can probably guess that things did not go as planned.

The surprise of the day was neither the cheeky KOM victory, or the elbow bashing that left me with 3rd in the sprint, no... the surprise was the downpour that engulfed us around Bonbeach. When I'd rolled out of home, there were large vertical stacks of white clouds off in the west. Their whiteness and distance reassured me, and served as a canvas for the rising sun to paint a gradient of reds, oranges and yellows. The rumbles of thunder as the Black Rock clock ticked over 7 were the problem of someone far away, and besides the issue at hand was staying up front of the big bunch rolling down along the beach.

So with the confidence of a forecast that mentioned nothing about rain, I rode on. When the first drop of water hit me I assumed it was someone's sweat, as my own was threatening to run down my sunglasses and cloud my vision. A moment later when the second drop hit me, I wondered if someone was squirting themselves with water to cool off. The next dozen drops came together and in a rush. They were big fat globes of water, that quickly soaked the road, and then us. My right shoe, previously gleaming white, now sported a coat of road grit and a filling of wheel spray. I stopped worrying about sweat obscuring my sight  and weighted the pros and cons of taking my glasses off all together.

Next year I'll position myself better, and perhaps check the radar.

Strava link.

D: 116.7km
A: 439m

PMPW: 87kg

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