Thursday, 1 December 2016


As near as I can tell the last time I lined up for a MTB race was March 2012, but a stick ended that one mere seconds after the gun, so let's ignore it and go to the last one I finished. The Surfcoast 6hr on the 22nd of October 2011.

Holy shit, that's over 5 years ago... I haven't raced MTB in 5 years! Still, that doesn't make it feel less odd to get an email from MTBA saying my MTB license has lapsed, and consciously decide not too renew it. I held on to it these last few years for tradition, but we're in Australia... we celebrate christmas by having a bbq and going to the beach, so we don't really have a tradition of tradition.

Oh well should the need to race fat knobbies arise again, at least I'll get given my trusty 4 digit member number back.

D: 19.2km
A: 120m

PMPW: 87kg

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