Sunday, 6 November 2016


St Kilda East - Mt Macedon - St Kilda East:
That ride didn't make everything perfect, but it certainly swung my mood back out of mopey and into happy. The dumb ideas (which I'll get to) were the highlights, but the foundation was a solid base of mates and bikes.

Think of this bad boy like a great big pot o'bolognese. The meat is totally the building block, but because it's a given, we tend to talk about the variety, the differences, the nuance. So today the beef was riding Ride to the Divide in a bunch with DK, Jay, and Kate Perry, but there was a bunch of seasoning that spiced it up.

DK and I cooked that bad boy for 8 hours, adding in a roll to and from the Essondon Fields starting point ensured there was enough time for the umami flavours to develop and permeate the whole day.

I threw in a dash of trying to beat everyone up the back (easier side) of Mt Macedon to spice things up, finding myself coming off the steep early ramps side by side with one of the Avanti Isowhey boys, and deciding to go toe to toe to the top.

At the end was a hit of fresh pump track on the road bike with race wheels, because nothing livens up flavours like pushing tyres of any width down perfectly formed rollers.

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D: 184.9km
A: 1,916m

PMPW: 87kg

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