Sunday, 27 November 2016


I haven't raced track in a while, let alone match sprinting, but SKCC had a week off crits, so I thought I might literally wipe the dust off my track gear and see what's up.

I qualified with a 12.806 flying 200, around half a second off my best that was set in.... holy shit 2011, that seems like forever ago. Back then a high 12 second would have been one of the better in A grade, today it was almost a second off the fastest time, and behind the bulk of riders.

I didn't win a singe one of my 3 races, so instead I'm going to look at what's different between the day of my outdoor f200 PB, and today. For a start I'm a few kg lighter (86-88 vs 90-92), I was training specifically for track and the Kilo but still riding a mountain bike. I wasn't racing at HCC, but I was racing B-Grade at CCCC. Most amusing to me was that I intentionally didnt ride the Hell Ride the day before my PB, because I didn't want to ruin sprint, where as I was sad panda to miss it yesterday.

Post race sausages: 5

PMPW: 88kg

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