Sunday, 13 November 2016


I'd hoped to race, but both SKCC and CCCC were called off due to rain, so I pulled out the trainer and found a CX world cup to watch while putting myself through 40 minutes of threshold work.

1 x 10min E1 (inc 2 x 7s HCLR)
1 x 5min @ 300W (result: 307W)
1 x 5min E1
1 x 10min @ 300W (result: 305W)
1 x 5min E1
1 x 10min @ 300W (result: 319W)
1 x 5min E1
1 x 10min @ 300W (result: 333W)
1 x 5min E1
1 x 5min @ 300W (result: 441W)
1 x 5min E1

So I only achieved 35 minutes of sweet spot. Given the final 10 minute set had felt good, I decided to see how much I could hold for the final 5 minute effort. Somehow that translated to a 6 week max.... doing that on the ergo is unheard of for me.

Strava link.

PMPW: 88kg

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Unknown said...

Just relax tiger! You're going to get to a stage where you're a bit too strong for me....... I'd like you to calm-the-fuck down please!