Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I've failed to crack 5km on a run, despite people I've been running with happily ticking over the half decakilometers. Alright 5km isn't that exciting, even if I make up a phrase to describe it, but I've been close enough a couple of times that I'm annoyed I can't claim I've achieved it.

So, the office lunchtime run, over the Thames, dodge the walkers along the river, throw a u-bolt at big ben, and come back to the office. Crossing the bridge, a mere 200m from work, Alex happily had her phone displaying 5km, I looked at my GPS unit to to find it merrily displaying 4.2km.

I chucked a hard right back down to the near bank of the river, and ran on through the back streets of Southwark until I was sure I had more than 800m extra done.

D: 6.1km
P: 5:53/km

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