Wednesday, 12 October 2016


I committed myself early today, sending an email to the runners in this here London office, saying I was keen for whatever they were doing. I figured it's been a while since I did something dumb and pushed my comfort levels in different/new directions.

In the end it wasn't too bad, the instigator of the group just wanted a cruisey 5km jaunt along the river to Big Ben and back. Between people out for a lunch time stroll and the occasional cross street the pace averaged juuuust under 6 minutes per km, and thus I never felt stressed cardiovascularly. The chat meant it wasn't a journey into my own personal dark hole either.

I'll probably do the one next week, because by then my calves will (hopefully) have stopped hurting.

Strava link.

D: 4.9km
P: 5:57/km


Unknown said...

And now you're a runner!! I can't wait to read the update about how you joined an aerobics class.

neil said...

Sure man, just go ahead and ruin my aerobics oz style debut surprise!