Thursday, 8 September 2016


It was such a nice morning that I scooted down to Albert Park Lake on my way to work. As I rolled past the first corner, a group of Melbourne Uni dudes rolled around, thus giving me a lovely sit and a bit of a chat for a couple of lap. Then as they peeled off, someone we'd just passed rolled up, giving me a chat for a further lap or so. 3 laps in glorious warm spring air. No warmers standing between my skin and the long rays of the sun, and only the occasional swan poo to dodge on the road.

D: 33.0km
A: 195m

TRX Circuit:
We're having wellbeing week at work this week, and the City Baths put on a few group sessions for just our staff. Boxing didn't interest me, but I was pretty confident Jeff... yeah Jeff Williams... like Jeff's Shed Jeff, would be the one taking it, so I signed up. Sadly he wasn't taking it, a nice Irish fellow named Mick was, and he lead the 10ish people from my work through a session on the TRX suspension strap/handle thingies.

We did some squatty things, some lungey things, and some pushupy things. Only two exercises really stuck with me, something called "thread the needle" that left me more uncoordinated than normal, and pistols. The straps took the balance element out of the pistols, meaning I was able to just bob away ceaselessly... I may come to regret that tomorrow.

PMPW: 87kg

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