Sunday, 18 September 2016


My trip to the UK office for work is 3 weeks away, and I'm concerned about endorphins withdrawals. Taking a bike is going to be a pain in my arse, which means running is going to be the most time and luggage space efficient... but I'm not terribly happy about it.

Given the forecast today was a bit shoddy, I went out for a short run, lopping a few hundred metres off my last run, doing it almost all on the grass oval over the road, and walking to/from as a bit of a warm up/cool down. Even with all those modifications, and a solid going over with a massage stick straight after, I could feel my calves getting tight this arvo. Maybe if I commit to 1-2 runs a week for the next 3 weeks I'll adapt in time, but I have a feeling that I may have to fold some very sore legs into my economy seat for LHR-DXB-MEL.

Strava link.

D: 2.7km
P: 5:05/km

PMPW: 90kg

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Unknown said...

I'm wondering if it's worth your while becoming a Rapha member allowing you access to a free bike in London so you can get those rides in? My membership a couple of years ago was $300. This allowed me free rental of a Specialized in Amsterdam which in my mind, was well worth it. Even if you were able to borrow a bike a couple of times it may be a good investment. It also gives you free coffee at any Rapha club (including here in Melbourne).