Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Ricktastic Tuesday:
I wasnt super in to maths at school, mostly I was right that I wouldnt have to use quadratic equations etc in my adult life, except for one very important moment. Sitting on the dunny at 5am, staring at the weather radar and trying to work out if that gap in the clouds is big enough to get a specific ride in.

The answer to the question I was trying to answer pre my post morning poo weigh in, was no, if I rode I'd get wet. At the time, I guessed we wouldn't, which is why I spent some time with my bibs hanging over the hot air hand dryer in the work change rooms. That then means that yes is the answer to the question "does it smell like arse in here?" that thankfully no one asked.

The ride was good though, with Rohin Adams joined Rick, Warrack and I for a bit of a mixed bag of efforts. Rick went hard up Doncaster Rd, presumably because I'd just moments before declared I was still tired from Sunday. High St wasn't earth shattering, but I gave Parker St because I prefer to get it over with, and I wanted to see how I'd fare against Rohin (the answer to that is, "quite good!"). Rosehill devolved into Rick and I out of the saddle putting everything into the pedals, but soon after there was chatting as we ascended Pony Club.

Strava link.

D: 47.9km
A: 617m

I had a chat with a friendly physio today about my body. I've had a theory about two issues that i thought might have a single cause. The issues are some pain in my left patella tendon, and some discomfort in the undercarriage area after some rides. I've done a lot of stretching/rolling/rehab for the former, and I've done a bunch of saddle swaps and position adjustments for the latter. Anyway, the theory was a slight leg length variance, and we came to the conclusion that functionally I do have some, caused by a slightly shorter right shin (tib/fib).

If it was anyone else, I'd say go have (another) bike fit, but I'm going to shim my right cleat a little and observe the outcome. Maybe for the first time since owning a power meter I'll even review L/R pedalling balance.

I'm not 100% sure why I'm sharing, it feels personal, but the two things have affected my joy of riding, so it's going here.

D: 8.2km
A: 10m

PMPW: 88kg