Saturday, 6 August 2016


Total Rush Shop Ride:
There are moments when you witness a physical performance and go "yeah, alright, fair play", then there are ones where you go "holy shit, what?!", on today's shoppy there was both.

Up until Brighton beach on the way home, it was a totally regulation shoppy.  I'd sat on the front with DK on the way down, having a chat, keeping things under control, monitoring any splits in the bunch. Then, we'd had a short break to regroup in Mordi, I'd gotten my big voice out and announced two bunches for the return, then got about chopping off turns with DK and Sewelly. Totes regulation.

Anyway, so we're popping round the bend from Sandi, down to Brighton beach. DK has been sitting on the front like the giant locomotive he is, and I think to myself "I should be a top bloke and roll over him.". It hadn't been the longest turn ever, but I'm a nice bloke, share the love and all that. Right, so I'm pulling along side the big, pink lycra clad unit, and I see his eyes dart to the right, a grin turn up the side of his mouth.... and then his pace lift. Like an overly bro-ey weight session, I lift, he lifts, I lift, he lifts. Soon enough its hurting and I decide to just start jamming over to the gutter to cut his line of acceleration off and end this shenanigans. I get a few moments of peace on the front, finding my rythm, settling in... then DK comes rolling up the right. I forgo being a top bloke, and lift the pace... he lifts also... I lift... he lifts.... he gets a gap... he extends the gap... I eject out the side like toast from a knocked over toaster. "Yeah, alright, fair play."

I manage to get back on, and through the golden mile I have a chat with mr I totally lift bro, we both offer to do lead out train duties for the sprint, but eventually it's DK on the front from before the left turn at Elsternwick, making it a delightful single file line of riders right up until Glen Huntly. He didn't run out of legs, nah, we had a red at the canal, so he came off the gas. I was getting ready to shut it all down, but while we still had a little bit of speed the lights change back to green. In a split second I decide that it's on, that I should hit the pedals hard and give the rag tag group of shop customers who'd taken a tow from Mordi, a vision of speed and power. It was a good kick, I would have been surprised to turn and see a rider even on my wheel, that's how good of a kick it was. Then... one of our junior riders, a kid of 17 who I reckon would be lucky to weigh 60kg, cam ripping through on the right. I see he has his chest pressed low, a lovely aero sprint position, especially given he's a climber... but given he's a climber I'm confident that if I continue to apply the power, he'll blow and I'll rock on through. So I did, I kept that solid power flowing, and he also kept on going, audaciously flaunting his additional speed all the way to the line. 1,394W held for 18 seconds, and a 1 second peak of 1,666W and beaten... "Holy shit, what?!"

Strava link.

D: 72.6km
A: 283m

PMPW: 91kg

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