Friday, 5 August 2016


While I stole a few single track moments on my CX commute, I mused about how to describe what it is about dirt that's so appealing. It used to be that I'd describe flowing in and out of trees as the speeders on Endor scene of Return of the Jedi. I'm not sure if I've since seen through the external locus to the true meaning, or that what matters to me has changed, but that Lucas creation no longer gets to the heart of it.

The flow is not about how my body moves through the external world, it's about the sensation within my skin. It's about co-ordination and timing, it's like getting your hips in time with the beat of Blame it on the Boogie, while your hands give it the old "sunshine, moonlight, goodtimes". As a clumsy white boy, it's a moment where things turn out better than expected, and it's achievable on a roll to work.

D: 19.3km
A: 125m

PMPW: 91kg

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Matthew said...

Hey Neil,

You rule.