Saturday, 27 August 2016


St Kilda East - Frankston - St Kilda East:
It started off as the Hell Ride, I got up at 5:17, I shaved my legs, I got into lycra and scooted out the door around 6.

I rode to Black Rock and had a coffee at Odo while keeping an eye on the big clock tower. I met the bunch and greeted my mates, we rolled out and someone attacked hard and early. I chased and bridged gaps, going cross eyed in the process, before getting swamped by the bunch finally getting back together.

I got around the roundabout, a car arriving to the right mid bunch, starting to enter the intersection, then stopping, causing the bunch to stop and then restart.

I worked my way to the front, rolling a turn or two, mindfull that I didn't want to end up down the back, and on the wrong side of a split. I was grateful that others rolled over the top of me, because even with the assistance of a tailwind, 54km/h turns are tough business.

Where it went wrong was a bloody pothole at Patto. It was one of those ones that feels like some's given your undercarridge a tap with a ball-peen hammer. For a second or two I thought it was all good, then I resigned myself to stopping, just hoping that the dozens or so riders behind me would have their heads up as I eased my weight onto my front wheel, and off the tyre being bounced by the procession of the valve every revolution.

I got the change done, taking my time because I knew there was no chance I'd chase on. Found a bunch got to Frankston, then turned and waited. When I was eventually caught, it was a 7 man group, chopping hard turns off the front in a tidy echelon. I jumped on then jumped in, trying to stay smooth with 500W being output via the pedals. Up to Mentone and some shenanigans started, turns skipped, then attacks launched. I mistakenly thought I could call/create some calm, but instead I created a launching pad for the remaining riders to go clear and leave me to roll back into Black Rock solo, the main bunch still somewhere behind on the road.

Strava link.

D: 84.4km
A: 219m


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