Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Ricktastic Tuesday:
Lets for a moment imagine that you, like me, are of the subset of cyclists who care a modicum about their clothing/appearance. Many would consider this subset "wankers" or that we have too much time on our hands, I totally agree, but it's not the point right now.

So you are into a bit of #matchymatchy, but not too much, because that would be garish, and your sock collection is on fleek... but now it's winter? If you're in the southern hemisphere you're living it, if you're from up north, get the image in your mind, as it's the crux of what I hope to explore today.

Do leg warmers cover socks, or do socks cover leg warmers?

What would the pros do? It's likely that if you're a wanker, that you follow pro cycling, and think that Ronde van Vlaanderen (as if you'd call it the Anglicised "Tour of Flanders"), is better than Paris-Roubaix. Obviously you know most true Belgian roulers favour knee warmers (or just thigh warmers) over a full leg, and that Boonen rides without gloves... but what about those that do wear legs, what is their sock situation?

Kristiff, he's not a Belgie, he's won a bunch of races... but his helmet is often at an angle. Perhaps not the ideal role model, but goes socks over legs.

Bouhanni is a Frenchy who can't sprint straight and runs his mouth. He's got some wins to his name (but almost as many relagations). In short, he's the sort of bloke you don't want to be associated with. He wears his legs over his socks.

Martin (Tony), De Panzerwagon! Mouth open, dribble running down his chin, single handedly ripping a bunch to shreds or ruining the prospects of the break. Now here's someone we can respect! Socks over legs.

Mostly though, if you're a pro, on race day you rub yourself in some heated oil and get your massive quads out into the early spring air. So ignore the pros, what about if we talk about investment or style?

A set of leg warmers will set you back $30-$60, which is more than the wankiest of socks (usually in the $20-$30 range). So based on cost it could be argued that legs should have prominence. If you take a broader cost view though, you likely have only a couple sets of leg warmers, but over a dozen pairs of socks, so by collection value the socks are king.

For me though, the crux is the style and purpose of the garment. I buy leg warmers to keep my legs warm, they come in black. On the other hand I buy socks based height and design/colour. Socks are part of the show, if you're part of a small team they're often the only bit of kit you wear daily that you can express yourself with.

I shy away from "rules" about clothing, and don't think that even amongst the Velominati (publishers of "the rules") there's too much judgement on which way you dress. Me? I know where I stance on the issue. Socks over legs!

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D: 41.4km
A: 466m


D: 9.0km
A: 51m

PMPW: 90kg

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Unknown said...

Hahahahaha....... Well done my friend!

I too have previously worn socks over legs but would receive a pasting from others about my choice. It's not that this pasting has deterred me in terms of continuing with this fashion statement, more that when I get dressed at 5.30am, it's dark and I have no idea what I'm putting on.

I do wonder if the socks over legs thing is all that relevant though when you wear velotoze over everything and can't appreciate the fashion of your socks anyway?