Saturday, 9 July 2016


St Kilda East - Wilson - Flat Rock - St Kilda East:
April, April the 3rd to be exact, was the SKCC World Champs, and the point where I said "righteo, no more training, and certainly no racing.". I knew that that time off would butt up against the holiday the tiny Canadian and I just got back from, but I was prepared for that.

I was also prepared, or at the very least aware, that starting to ride hard again after all that... would not be the funnest of times. Anyway, we're back from holidays and it's time to start making myself back into the human I'm happiest being. Jet lag meant I was up way earlier than I needed to be to meet Cam, Rick, Warrack, Tom and a few others for some action in the hills, so I rolled a few extras through the fog.

The ride out wasn't too bad, there was some two up action with Rick and I on the front. Chatting away while fog condensed on trees and street lights, then dripped down around us. It was alright into Wilson rd, Warrack and I on the front, tapping a tempo that felt like it should keep all but the most eager behind us. It didn't though, the eager ones kicked past hard, then semi eager guys went around, and finally some reticent riders filled through. Not even the crest of Wilson stemmed the damage, and I soon found myself deep in the box and scrabbling for wheels along Broad Gully Rd.

Eventually, everyone say up and through the grace of a tuck that would make Matej Mohorič proud, I regained contact with the bunch. What I wasn't aware until later, was that that would be the high point of my day's performance. I cracked on Flat Rock, then bonked through Eltham at the exact moment a couple of links in my chain stopped rotating. Put another way, I had legs that could push around 200W at their best, and a drive train that meant I could only do so for 2 our of every 3 pedal strokes.

Some coffee and a chain breaker got me home, and some more suffering will get me started down the path to being fitter.

Strava link.

D: 106.6km
A: 1,473m

PMPW: 89kg

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