Saturday, 25 June 2016


Grouse Grind:
The AirBnB bed we've rented here in Vancouver is shit, I slept like crap, and woke up early... but that meant I could get on the first ferry to North Vancouver, and hit the Grouse Grind for 40 odd minutes of endorphin inducing hurt.

In 2010, when I was last here it took me 47:28 to get to the top, and I vowed to come back and beat a mates time of ~45:00. I knew that last time I'd gone out hard early, then struggled towards the end, but I couldn't resist running through the first flatter section. I'd stood at the start of the trail, waiting for my GPS to orientate itself, watching a few dozen enthusiastic souls pile through the narrow gate ahead of me, and once I got going, they all looked like rabbits.


Once things tipped up, I slowed to a determined hike and spent a lot of time thinking whether the record holders (~24:00) ran the whole way or not. Despite another incredulous "ONLY?!!", brought on by sight of the quarter way sign, I was confident I could keep trucking, with the occasional bounding jog thrown in to facilitate over taking others on the root strewn trail.

There was a cold fog that clung to them mountain, but by the top I was that bloke... the one sans t-shirt, wearing a HR strap. A few minutes later, I was cosy in the gondola back down, in my hoodie, in a fog of endorphins.


Time: 34:47

Strava link.

D: 2.3km
A: 786m

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