Saturday, 18 June 2016


Mist trail - John Muir trail:
Today we were one National park further North, hoping to beat the Obamas* and the fathers day crowds, by hitting up some Yosemite trails early.

I struggled for most of the day, not because the trail was steep/difficult (though it was), but because it was so well paved/hardened that it screwed my mental shorthand of accessibility = difficulty.

Once we got past the mist soaked stairs next to the lower of the two falls (Vernal) the small number of peopled thinned even further, leaving the tiny Canadian and I mostly on our own, free to stop and gawk at the vistas that appeared every time the trees had space between them.

Thankfully the return leg of the loop forwent steps for switch backs, allowing us to slip and slide down the granite strewn trail, rather than try and manage our bodies, aching from yesterday's lunges, through hundreds and hundreds of extra eccentric loads.

Strava link.

D: 13.1km
A: 727m

* Barack decided sometime this week to spend the weekend in Yosemite with his family, there was some traffic chaos on our way out.

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Unknown said...

You've gone from a cycling junkie, to a cross-fit junkie to now a mountaineer. Next you'll be abseiling and base-jumping!!