Friday, 17 June 2016


A. 5 x 5 Pull ups

B. 100 lunges @ 52kg/115lb.
Any time the barbell leaves the front rack, do 4 burpees over the bar.
Score: 9:57 + 16 burpees

The tiny Canadian and I joined our mate Migs at his local box for a 5:30am session of leg destroying lunges. It took me a few minutes to work out how heavy their Rx was, but I figured 52kg shouldn't be too killer on my legs. I should have worried about my shoulders, because it was them that let me down and forced 16 more burpees than I'd planned on.

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Given we were done by 6:30am, we headed to the Sequoia National Park for some crystal caves and giant trees. Neither was particularly taxing on the legs, but seeing a tree born before jesus was kind of humbling.

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Unknown said...

Based on this picture I'm assuming you're probably 90kg's.