Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Ricktastic Tuesday:
I don't know if you caught the news about the anti racism rally in Coburg over the weekend, and if you did, if you've thought about how it might affect cycling this winter.

The basic story is simple, a group got together to have a bit of a "yo, we're not all bigots" party. A group of actual bigots turn up to counter protest because some of the not bigots had been involved in counter protests to their actual bigot protests. There was a bit of pushing and shoving, some people on both sides of the bigot line were wearing masks and face coverings, and finally the police arrested a few people and condemned people wearing face coverings Finally at least one of the tabloid-esque major newspapers has taken to calling the whole thing a riot.

So, since then there's been a chat between the chief commissioner and the police minister to discuss a possible change to police powers around the use of masks / face coverings.

Right, so what has that got to do with trying to be a mediocre cyclist? Well I often describe riding my bike as a riot, and today, I had my face covered by a snood for most of the ride. If there are new laws passed, and the use of a merino snood was made illegal if I was having a riot of a time... well then, my nose would possibly get quite cold.

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This is a good post. It links in up-to-date current affairs with the simple pleasure of riding a bike with mates. I felt whilst reading this post that not only was I learning something, I was enjoying the overall experience.