Sunday, 15 May 2016



D: 2.7km
A: 37m

A. Front Squat
In 15mins establish a heavy set of 3 for your Front Squat.
Result: 80kg

B. With a partner.
3mins MAX reps Front Squat at 65-70% Part A.
Barbell must be taken from floor.
Alternate every 30seconds.
Result: 28reps @ 55kg

C. 3 RFT
200m Run
15 Power Cleans 50/35kg
10 Alt Pistol Squats
Score: 9:10 RX

It's surprising to me how proud doing a metcon with the prescribed weights/movements makes me. I felt pretty good too... well until about the 10th clean of the final round... then I was a touch cross eyed.

PMPW: 90kg

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