Saturday, 14 May 2016


Total Rush Shop Ride:
I had a few drinks last night, some might even describe the number as "several". To put it in perspective, I was still drinking after Dave Fisher went home. Anyway, after waking from too little sleep on the couch, I forced myself into kit, out the door, and off to Rush. I knew that riding the hangover out of my body was the best option, but that didn't make it easy to execute.

Like Thursday there was a cracking wind along Beach Rd. Like Thursday, I felt obliged to pull turns into it. Thankfully we managed to organise a little working group of 8 that rolled around from Mordi back to St Kilda, meaning you never got stranded in the wind.

Strava link.

D: 62.1km
A: 267m

No idea my PMPW, as the AGB didnt happen until the arvo.

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Unknown said...

Ahhhh...... well done on getting out!

I'm now staying away from Vodka for a very long time.