Thursday, 7 April 2016


Blood Donation:
I'm surprised it's been two years since I last gave blood. Logically I know it has, I can see the last time I instagrammed it, and the blood bank even commented on it, making me fill out a full set of paper work as punishment.

I wasn't given a squishy thing to clench, but I did ensure the nurse adjusted the needle to ensure maximum flow, and managed to eek out a 28 second PB, 6:02. I was pretty proud of that time, the nurse dude assured me I that was the fastest today, Turns out summer isn't just good for racing bikes, because he also mentioned he'd expect me to go sub 5min in summer. o_O

They advise you not to do any physical exercise after donating, but given the smallish size of my readership, i feel that as one person to another(s), I can say it's totally doable, just don't be a complete flog, take it easy, be aware it's riskier.

D: 27.3km
A: 130m
PMPW: 89kg

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Unknown said...

So you give away a pint of blood and put on a kg! Sounds like a shot idea buddy.