Sunday, 3 April 2016


SKCC World Champs:
Rush had 3 riders for today's elite race, DK, CJ and myself. We had a rough agreement that we raced early for DK, and if came to a kick, that it'd be for me. After 3 pre-race coffees, I felt pretty good, good enough to smack a few turns and chase a few breaks.

During one of the lull,s a mate commented that we might as well go for a coffee as with a dozen or so riders up the road, it was as good as race over. I knew we had CJ up in the break, but he'd raced once already (Masters 4,5,6), so I wasn't confident he'd be able to capitalise, so I started chasing. I must admit that I felt a bit like a jerk, but I'd done some maths and was confident it was best to maximise the chance of pink on the podium.

Anyway, I rocked along on the front for a few half lap / lap turns, and to be honest, it felt pretty good. At one point I figured that I should remove and reinsert my HRM transmitter from it's strap (my computer was showing way too high a HR)... and that I might as well do that while tapping 500W on the front. Anyway, after a few good pulls we'd caught some guys who were attempting to bridge up to the front, leaving 5-6 clear. DK took that moment to go hard up the right, and even though I was 30 seconds into a pull, I had enough legs to jump over to his wheel. I double checked that I hadn't brought anyone, but half a lap later he wasn't looking too happy with the chase, and to be honest... my legs were not happy with even just sitting on. I slipped off his wheel, and on to the back of the bunch as it went past.

The rest of the race for me was spent being a jerk to the peloton. I rolled my turns if I found myself at the front, but if I was mid pack, I'd drop the wheel then sprint full noise into gap i'd just created, forcing those behind to repeatedly accelerate.

I still really wanted a shot at the title(s), but some maths around the time splits being yelled from the sidelines said that there was no chance I'd see the front of the race again, and at best we were racing for 4th (the break had shelled a few riders). With that dream gone, I figured I'd take another go at breaking the sprint by going half a lap out. I think I was around 10th wheel out of the 2nd/3rd corner double, and then without much glamour, I stepped out and hit the pedals. Sadly Shannon Johnson was once again able to get onto it, but I'd put a good gap into the rest of the field by the last corner, which gives me confidence that it's a tactic for the future.

Up front DK had done something similar, hitting Kell O'Brien and Alby with a lap to go, then holding on for a narrow win over Kell. Obviously by similar I mean he did it longer/better.

It's lucky that SKCC award flowers after the race, as while deep wheels, frame, skinsuit and helmet save a few Watts... the bouquet is not aero.

Strava link.

D: 71.0km
A: 50m

PMPW: 87kg

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