Saturday, 2 April 2016


Hell Ride:
I had to do a few double checks today to work out if I was dreaming. It wasn't that I was flying on the bike (though I did feel pretty good), it was that we had a tailwind both ways. I know I know, it feels like a tall story old timers tell juniors about the "old days" and how good it was, but seriously... taily both ways!

There was a brief period where we copped a headwind, but it was the rollers past Frankston that are meant to be hard. To make sure of that I launched out of the bunch a few times, taking as few people as possible into the wide blue yonder.

I peeled out of the bunch on the way home, opting to roll hard turns with the Rush shoppy until Glen Huntly, at which point it seemed appropriate to launch my sprint 1km out and see how much i could hurt.

For those playing along at home, I was able to hurt quite a lot, which made me confident for tomorrow's SKCC World Champs.

Strava link.

D: 102.8km
A: 385m

PMPW: 87kg

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