Saturday, 16 April 2016


St Kilda East - CX Shenanigans - St Kilda East:
When Caddy and I rolled off from the guide dogs, and into the first bit of single track, I was ugly on the bike. My lats were still aching from all the cleans on Thursday, so I was concious of that. Then because I was concious of being a bit stiff, I wasn't looking/thinking ahead on the trails, which made things worse. Then because things were worse, I worried I was holding up Steve from getting his flow on... well you get the idea, there was a lovely negative feedback loop going on in my brain and body that translated to some ugly.

I'd vowed to make this ride memorable, rather than live in memories of past ones, but Steve and I share some much history and so many stories about these trails that they came unbidden. I don't regret them though, because while we chatted and laughed at times since passed, I escaped the feedback loop of my present.

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By the time I had dropped Steve home and was heading back to my own, I was loving the ride, my back was still sore, but my face hurt more from grinning.

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D: 80.1km
A: 725m

PMPW: 89kg

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Steve Caddy said...

Two days later: face DOMS.