Thursday, 14 April 2016


Warm Up. 3 Rounds for QUALITY, not time:
10 Shoulder Dislocates (Broomstick/Underhand Grip)
5m Crab Walk
10 Scorpion Stretches
5 V-Ups

A. EMOTM x 8
Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups. Adv – BFLY/KIP, Int – Strict/Band, Beg – Band/Def’ Ring Row
Pick a rep scheme that you can perform UB with a focus on quality and form.
(Scaled to 3 x Blue Band)

B. Clean and Jerk
1 Clean + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk
In 14mins Work up to a heavy set for the complex.
Result: 50kg

C. 7min AMRAP
Clean and Jerk 60/42.5kg (RX+70/50kg)
Score: 21 @ 40kg

When the coach (Ricky) asked me what I was going to do for A, he meant Advanced, Intermediate, or Beginner... I knew that, but I still told him I'd be going home because it was arms, I was only half joking. I crank out a few pullups in the stairwell at home most days, but chest to bar is a whole different beast. Even with the jumbomax blue band 3 was my consistently achievable number of reps for rounds.

As it's been a while since I did a lot of cleans, let alone clean and jerks I took my time and tried to be super conscious of my form rather than try to get a big number or bang through them pronto.


D: 28.7km
A: 110m

PMPW: 88kg

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