Tuesday, 12 April 2016


3 Rounds for QUALITY, not time:
10 x Shoulder Dislocates (Broomstick/Underhand Grip)
6 x Bar Taps
10 x Palm over Palms
10 x Hollow Rocks (scaled to Hollow Body)

4 sets of:
20sec HS Hold / Wall to Nose Hold / Hollow Plank (Scaled to Hollow Plank)
5 Strict HSPU (Head to Mat) / 8 Shoulder Taps / 6 HRPU (scaled to HRPU)
10sec HS Hold / Wall to Nose Hold / Hollow Plank (Scaled to Hollow Plank)
ME Kipping HSPU / 8 Wall Walks / 10 Seated DB Press AHAP (scaled to DB press @ 8kg DBs)
Rest 60-90secs between sets.

17min AMRAP of:
800m Row
60sec rest
400m Row
60sec Rest
200m Row
60sec Rest

Score: 2 rounds, 245m

I've been DOMSy the last few days, so I wasn't sure if I should ride, go to crossfit, or just take it easy. Before bed last night, the tiny Canadian looked up today's crossfit session as CFSK (which feels like cheating), and I figured that given there was no eccentric load, I'd be able to get through it ok, so yeah decision made.

I did get through, but I woefully underestimated the shoulder effort in part A because I was too excited to spend a bunch of time on a C2 rower in part B. That reminds me, if rowing is going to be a thing for the next couple of months, I should ask one of the ex-olympians who now ride bikes and drink coffee for some tips on form.


D: 31.5km
A: 96m

PMPW: 89kg

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