Saturday, 5 March 2016


Hell Ride:
Neither of the blokes who were ripping huge turns a couple of weeks ago (Smax and Tommy Leaper) were in the bunch this morning, so I got to spend a lot more time on/at the front of the bunch. Mostly I just wanted to stay forward, but when Drew Ginn and a few othersgot clear at the Mordi roundabout (going south) I felt like I should contribute to chasing.

We never did see Drew again, but there was enough schnell going on in the bunch to ensure I got home in need of a nap. I got a gap up Olivers, but the bunch soon caught us over the top, then Dylan Newell gave it some stick on the middle roller in what at the time felt like someone flying, but no seems like a bloke with something to prove. I reckon that change of perspective came after he pulled off/cracked, because up until that moment, there was a very real fear he was going to hold that effort all the way through to Canadian Bay Rd.

I wasn't the fastest up past Canadain Bay, but I felt closer than recent weeks. Maybe it was that I was cheating with some deep race wheels on, maybe it was because I haven't ridden much this week, either way, I'm still a long way from matching Pat Lane's kick. The little shit can/did distance the bunch at the start of the final rise, going clear with ease.

Strava link.

D: 100.8km
A: 363m

PMPW: 88kg

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