Monday, 28 March 2016


St Kilda East - Humevale - St Kilda East:
I first rode up Humevale on good friday last year, and marked it as a beautiful bit of road that I needed to revisit. It seems ridiculous that it's been a year and I hadn't gone back, but I suppose that it takes a public holiday for it to make sense traffic/route wise. Anyway Straussy proposed it for today and I jumped at the idea, dropping semi made plans to ride my cx bike out to Hans' loop.

In the end it was just a trio of Dan, Grover and I, so I set my expectations to spending a decent chunk of time in the wind, what I didn't expect was my off the cuff joke about stopping for donuts to be taken seriously.

Anyway, with veins coursing with sugar we headed out of Whittlesea and onto a steadily narrowing road. Dan set about some SE work, and I turned and told Grover I was just going to tempo the climb... In hindsight what I meant was I was going to chase Strauss, ramp up the pace when I felt John starting to tire, then drive it hard through to the top. I swear I did intend to just enjoy the climb, I've got a few dozen photos in my camera roll to prove I was looking around at the scenery rather than at my GPS... but at some point it just felt right to drill it hard and see if I could beat the time from last year. For the record I could and did beat it.

The only issue with riding up Humevale is the long drag up and over Kinglake West to get to Kinglake proper. We rolled track turns on that blowy ridge line, then turned straight into the descent where I re-learned just how well Dan can go down a hill.

In other news, both Dan and John are dirty dirty school crossing sprint cheats, and the only ones that matter are the two that I won (i.e. the 15 or so they won between them don't count)!!

Strava link.

D: 147.9km
A: 1,924m

PMPW: 86kg

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